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It might sound cheesy!


But we are here to help! At Admin Inc. our focus is you and your business and how we can become a part of the solution to your administrative needs. We seek to build relationships with our clients that will stand the test of time because they see value in what we do for them and trust that we do what we say we will.

The first step in any client relationship is to understand more about you. What do you do? How is your business doing? What are your concerns and worries? Where do you hope to see your business go? What are your aspirations?

There are many questions to ask to build the understanding we look for. it is easiest to do this face to face and that is why we say “Let’s Meet!”.

We’ll get you where you want to go!


Meeting you, usually multiple times, will allow us to have the understanding that we need to tailor our service to you. While listening to you is extremely important in formulating your plan this will be overlaid with our own experience. Our experience will allow us to prioritise needs and identify other needs you might not have considered. This is all part of thinking of you in everything we do.

We will give you the structure and support that you need to implement our plan; to get you to the point where you can say “I’m organised”

We won’t stop there and encourage meetings as often as possible, not only to discuss the business, administration, objectives and aspirations but just because it’s nice to catch up!

A piece of cake!


That’s our goal to make your administration a piece of cake. This is key in allowing you the time to focus on what you are good at and to grow your business.

To make sure it remains a piece of cake we will agree regular contact points so the planning can be updated appropriately and questions answered. These regular contact points are to ensure that nothing is missed; but there will be needs that demand to be dealt with immediately, in those cases contact us. We’re just a click away.