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The ‘Three Dot Rule’

I met with my business coach and we got to talking about the 3 dot rule. I’d never heard of it but Clive had used it before and I found it quite an interesting way to deal with paperwork. I could see why people would use it. It’s like the “3 strike rule” for paper!... read more

Join a Networking Group and get yourself out there!

A consideration of starting your own business is joining a networking group of like-minded individuals and whilst you can promote your business online and through social media there really is no replacement for face to face conversations and meetings with people who... read more

Dream BIG

This sounds clichéd or perhaps something that you would expect from an American life coach. But for me it does ring true. Because if you only do what you always have, nothing will ever change. You need to dream, and if you’re dreaming why not dream big! I’m a member... read more

How to write a Business Plan

How to write a Business Plan Writing a business plan can seem daunting, you can sit there pen and paper at hand and then writers’ block sets in…..so what do you do? That’s exactly how I felt when it came to writing my own, most of my plan was written on scrap... read more