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This sounds clichéd or perhaps something that you would expect from an American life coach. But for me it does ring true. Because if you only do what you always have, nothing will ever change. You need to dream, and if you’re dreaming why not dream big!

I’m a member of a networking group (something I would recommend) and at a recent meeting we had a presentation by Clive Maloney from Get Real About Business. His presentation was on the Four Dimensions of the Successful Entrepreneur. The four dimensions being ‘The Dreamer, The Thinker, The Storyteller and The Leader’ and this got me thinking about my business. So in this blog, I’m going to use the Four Dimensions and relate them to the thought process I used in setting up Admin Inc and indeed where I am still endeavouring to build the business to where I hope and dream I can!

The Dreamer

Ever sit at your desk at work and day dream about the life you want to have, instead you’re stuck doing a job that you’ve outgrown? I use to do that and that’s what started me dreaming.

At the start, I loved my job and enjoyed the different aspects of it but as the years went by, I started to realise that the considerable skills and experience I had built up were not really appreciated and taken for granted. I thought should I look at other opportunities or do something different? Then the dreamer in me came to the fore; could I use my skills and experience to set up on my own?

The idea of setting up my own business sounded appealing for so many reasons, a better work/life balance, being able to work with different clients, enjoying the variety it offers, the independence of owning my own business to name a few.

But this was going to take more than the odd day dream at my desk to set up. I had to dream big and my vision had to have a purpose if I was going to see it grow…..

The Thinker

So after dreaming big, I had to think big.

I had created the idea of what I wanted to do and understood why this would be right for me; I now had to think about the ‘how’. If you’re new to setting up a business (as I was) then there are lots of questions to be asked, and answered.

How would I finance it? How would the family deal with the loss of my secure and predictable salary while I got the business going? What could I earn? Where would I get my clients from? What equipment/resource I would need? Where would I get the support I needed? The list went on and it did take time to work my way through them, but I got there.

The key thing here is to remember that you are rarely in the position that you have to answer these questions solely through your own knowledge and experience. There is the internet, your family and friends; there are professionals out there who can help plug any shortfalls.

The Storyteller

This is where I had to take the vision and planning I had done and convey that to (in my case my family) so that they could fully buy into it and essentially provide me with the support that I needed.

Of course there was also the importance of being able to convey what I and my business could do to potential clients. Here I was fortunate that I am used to speaking with people to understand what problems that they are having (often the position for a lot of people with their admin) and explore what their plans are and how I can help make them a reality. In turn I was able to relate to them what I have successfully done in the past to help those I have worked with. That really made my story that much easier to understand and give confidence that they should work with me and Admin Inc.

The Leader

This is all about responsibility, responsibility for taking the dream forward and making it a reality (yes, more clichés….). For me having dreamed of my own company, and having gone through the process of understanding what I needed to do, taking that responsibility was an automatic step.

But I have benefitted from support and guidance; for me seeing that I needed this has been a key part of being the leader of my business.


What I have described above relates to what I have done in the past to get my business started. This isn’t where it stops, it is just the start. I am constantly dreaming, thinking, leading and adding to my story. That I hope is how I will make my dream a reality and see all of the benefits that it will offer me and my family.

So go on dream a dream, think big, let yourself wonder what could be! As Mark Twain said ‘when you look back on your life you will regret those things you didn’t do, not what you did’.

If this blog inspired you to ‘dream big’ then get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!

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