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People often mistake having a virtual assistant as a kind of luxury that only the rich and big companies can afford. But there is definitely a trend towards hiring freelance workers/virtual assistants as a solution to full/part time employees.

So why is virtual assistance on the rise? Well, here are a few reasons hiring a virtual assistant beats hiring a physical assistant:

Hiring someone to provide a physical presence in your work place can cost you more than their annual salary. Not only do you now need to provide them with a pension, but you also have to consider health and safety, HR and there is also sick pay to mention a few!

Hiring an employee also means providing them with training and on-going training as part of their ongoing development.

You may be a business owner who runs the business from home, you need to ask yourself ‘do I want someone in my personal space 5 days a week?’ You’ll undoubtedly be overwhelmed with all the admin you have to do but that doesn’t mean you have to have someone physically there do take care of it for you.

Virtual assistants or freelance workers are there when you need them, you might find one month is busier than the next and if you’ve sourced a good assistant you can work out between you when you’ll need them. Most VAs will have a book of clients and are therefore not just reliant on you to provide them with work and there’s no need to provide a VA with a benefits package like you would with an employee!

Where to find a good VA?

A web search, narrowed down to your area should pull through some results, you could also try local or regional networking events, you’re guaranteed to find one there!

At Admin Inc, we work with clients from Essex and London, we can also assist clients around the UK so if you’re looking for support, get in touch!

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