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We need to start by understanding what your concerns are, any issues that you are having, what may be going wrong with your administration and why you contacted us. This step often needs us to work through the existing paperwork and computer records to get a base to work from. We want you to be feeling better about your situation as soon as possible.

Rest Assured, we adhere to a strict confidential policy. Your administration is in safe hands!



When we have understood your situation and dealt with any immediate needs we will start to analyse your business and what is needed to support it. We will look at the key functions and activities of the business and consider what systems are required to ensure that they are able to happen fluently.

What can be done to save time? What do you need to additionally? What can you do to improve your business?

We can help provide you with the answers.



Once we have helped you to have a clear understanding of where you and your business stands we will then look at the structure that needs to be put in place to take you forward. To ensure you do not go backwards to where you were previously but rather maintain and improve upon the position that we will have already got you to.

These structures will be tailored in the form of a plan that you can refer to and actual spreadsheets and other administrative tools that will underlie the plan.

We look to have long term relationships with our clients that allows us to go through this process not just once but yearly. This yearly review allows your structure to grow and adapt to the changes in your business and the industry that you work in.



Many of our clients not only need administrative planning but administrative support too.

The support that we provide will be tailored to your needs. Whether this is personal assistant type duties such as managing your diary or outsourcing administrative duties that your company doesn’t have the capacity to undertake.

Working with Admin Inc. closely like this is advantageous as we are able to identify and anticipate changes to your changing needs and circumstances. Providing timely and valuation planning.