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Here at Admin Inc. we like to travel far and wide for pleasure but when we work with clients we feel that it is important to be able to meet with you, both initially and going forward.

Therefore our clients are broadly based in Essex and in London; we also have clients based in the Home Counties and further afield.

Those based outside of our core area have usually come to us as referrals  from a peer working in the same industry where we are able to replicate a successful approach. We can do a lot of things online and skype is an option available.

Type & size of company

We specialise in working with individuals and small companies. This is primarily because employing an in house administrator is too expensive and lacks the flexibility that such companies need.

While we have experience of working within medium size companies our service works best with business owners who see both the value and need for help and can ensure that the advice is implemented.

Whether your company is like a new born starting out in the world or in a more mature position we can help you move forward. So why not get in touch?

Whilst we are sure we could help everyone with their administration and organisation to a greater or lesser degree, we do look to work with clients where we feel that we can add the most value, location and size of company are just some of the factors we take into account.

Do remember if you are unsure just contact us!